Monday, April 21, 2014

Breaking For Bread

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday yesterday! 

I squeezed in just a couple quick photos as I barely left my house last weekend.  I received both my long awaited helmet dryer in the mail (I will certainly get to that later!), as well as a couple new Vogue sewing patterns to help me create some tricky designs that have been brewing in my head.

Anyway, this dress quickly became the "it" item in my closet throughout the weekend: roomy, draping, primarily comfortable and one piece.  But would I have it any other way?  Come on.  

And perhaps you recognize the design?  I made the original one last Spring, actually.  This one is a lighter version and perfect for more domestic uses :)  I have exciting plans for this dress in the future as you will soon see.

 dress: The Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Converse

Craving a baguette from one of my favorite bodegas, I took a break to run out the door and grab one up to indulge in it all evening.  With this big ol' house dress, I didn't even need to change my clothes.  I think every gal should have a piece like that in her Tiny wardrobe, don't you? 

Now back to hair and sewing!  
More on all new happenings this Thursday

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More 'Tiny' Keepers

Recognize the cropped button up?  
Cus I've worn it here, here and more recently here...

Yeah, I can't seem to take it off.  
It just goes with everything!

This white tube dress basic is also a total Tiny treasure as well since it can be layered so easily. Making a routine walk through the Fashion District after lunch, I decided to show off my white-on-white keepers.

Of course they went amazingly with my Dr. Seuss-like sandals.  I didn't really get a good shot of them but you'll see them better in the last photo.

The booty jeans are plentiful here.  It's lovely.

My hair has been increasingly difficult to manage.  One, because it's now at shoulder blade length and two, because I haven't trimmed it in, like over a year.... eeek!  Anyway, I'm leading up to say that I've been waiting very impatiently for my new professional-grade helmet dryer that's currently in transit to me (!!!!!!)  In a week or so, my hair will never be the same again.  Dramatic, yes?  Can't wait to show-and-tell ya all about it!

cropped shirt: PINK / tube dress: H&M / sandals: Zara

This outfit is simple as can be but packs a white hot punch!  What can I say, the understated chic of minimalism is my jam, ladies.

Wishing you a fabulous end to your week!
Be sure to come back on Monday - I promise I'll be wearing a different shirt :)

Monday, April 14, 2014


I was subconsciously entertaining an 80's prep look last weekend.  Pressed collars, oxfords and pearls, etc.  Lot's of white.  I think it all started after I bought a new lip color that I've only had the guts to wear once so far....  It's suuuuper bright pink and preppy fresh.  And no, I didn't wearing it with this ensemble but I promise I'll get the confidence to rock it soon.

cropped shirt: PINK (cropped myself) / pants: Santee Alley / belt: Zara Man / oxfords: CMG  
earrings: Philippines / ring: Chanel

I wear this cropped top a lot with my high waist jeans.

This high top ponytail is terrible.  Just being honest since I'm chronicling my adventures in Tiny style...  And ladies, my head looks like a pineapple.  What can you do?  Shrinkage is a bitch sometimes and my blowdryer died so I've been air drying ever since.  No good.

I continue to try new things with this growing lion's mane - and try with resilience!

Both my mother and my mother-in-law gave me pearls this year.  I loved wearing them together yesterday.  The Chanel ring goes with this bracelet that I adore.  And I've always wanted a pair of oversize pearl studs and these are so special! 

Pearls with a crisp white color and a sleek updo will always be hot.  But I love them styled best by the 80's.  Now I just need some frosty pink lipstick :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Festival Shorts

With festival season near, I've been unusually very much in the spirit of its signature fashion.  Being the modern minimalist that I am, I've never really embraced folkloric, bohemian style. That is until time eventually, and inevitably changed my mind... as it tends to do with my tastes in style and fashion.

And very much in the spirit of my own style, I've been dipping my toes in new looks and pieces - tying them in with my Tiny ol' faithfuls.

tee: The Tiny Closet Collection / short: Kukuly / oxfords: CMG / nail color: "Eiffel in Love" L'Oreal 

 These "festival" shorts as I call them, are absolutely fantastic.  And if you follow my Instagrammies, you may have seen these before.  I actually showed them off a couple weeks ago while in the store LOL 

High waist, contoured in the back, colorful with tradition and handmade.  I'm in love.

The Peruvian woman I bought them from owns a store in the Garment District called Kukuly - a store I visit at least once a week to check in on all the treasures she gets, which is a lot of Peruvian styles and accessories.  Le sigh.

With this Summer-like weather we've been suddenly having in L.A., I've been wearing these shorts a lot lately.  I pair them with a cinched chambray or with my new v-neck tees I've been making for myself.  My James Perse collection is rapidly wilting under years of wear so I decided to design and make my own.  A perfect fitting tee that also flatters is incredibly hard to find.  James Perse has been my one-and-only tee soulmate.  And as much as I've been resolved in the past to spend a few hundred on a good collection of his tees, this year I finally made up my mind to design my own.  At a mere fraction of the price.  A fraction of a fraction!

Learn how to sew.  
It will change your world completely.

This chinchilla grey nail color is so classy and posh.  "Eiffel For You" by L'Oreal Paris.  I'd been eyeing it in the drugstore for weeks.  As grey/lavender is my signature nail color, if you dig this shade, you may like this previous post where I'm wearing "Yummy Mummy" by Butter.  So luxe and understated

I'm sorry I've been away recently.  I really don't like not posting but I've been so inspired lately with the 2014 S/S designs and sewing that my passions have been focused there.  I've also been Youtube surfing.  A lot.  Get ready to see more hairstyles, makeup styles and... I'm excited to show you my S/S designs too!  

See you back here on Monday :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Closet Full of Keepers

When I'm not sewing and blogging, I work a few days a week down the street at a cute restaurant.  It's fun and fancy so I enjoy thinking up fabulous little ensembles to run around in when I'm there.

I've been getting a lot of outfits with this Robert Rodriguez top.  I absolutely love this Tiny Closet keeper!!

And speaking of "keepers", my ensemble on Sunday was completely made up of them!  My chiffon waterfall skirt I've worn all sorts of ways for years now.  And my trusty suede booties, what haven't I worn them with??  

Check it out:


 top: Robert Rodriquez / skirt: Forever21 / booties: Jessica Simpson / belt: Forever21 / accessories: Kukuly's


I've really been into accessories lately.  I dunno, something just clicked in my stubborn minimalist head and now I want rings on every finger and bracelets on both wrists.  This phase couldn't have come at a better time!  I feel a bohemian Summer coming!!!  

Keep visiting for more Tiny Closet tricks :) 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Is [Already] In The Air

I've been unusually excited for Spring these days...

 and while practically everything in my Tiny Closet is fit for all seasons, I do have a few pieces that shine extra bright for specific times of the year.  

Like these coral pants.  Short of florals, they just scream "Spring" don't they?

And in preparation for the spirit of Spring (ahem, Cochella), I gave my pants a simple bohemian styling with a swinging, draped top and bigger curls on my head, with a middle part.

top: Santee Alley / bra top: Free People / pants: Zara / sandals: Santee Alley / rings: Kukuly's 

I also picked up a few Tiny treasures at my new favorite store in downtown, Kukuly's.  I was again, unusually drawn in to this store of fabulous bohemian jewelry and accessories but trying new things seems to be the theme for my lil wardrobe so far this year.  

I'm enjoying tweaking my look with small changes.  While I do have a simplistic signature style, I love all the subtle changes I can make even with the Tiny Closet that I have.

See how I've worn these pants in the past:

with leopard

Check out these punchy coral pants!  You'd be surprised how far this color can take you...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Soft Waves & Silk Sandals

I've been enjoying a warm and cozy intro to Spring this past week.  I used to dislike dressing for warmer weather but since moving to L.A., I've completely changed.  This ensemble is a staple and usually worn with my oxfords or Toms but with this fancy weather lately, I thought I'd upgrade my shoe game to something softer and more appropriate for afternoon cocktails and window shopping.

I feel like I've been cropping everything from jeans to skirts to tops!  Including this men's shirt.  I love wearing this cropped button up with everything in my Tiny Closet!  And these harem pants went amazingly with the top last weekend.

I recently decided to let someone else do my hair.  Eeee!  After 5 years of personally cutting, styling, and raising a head of natural healthy locks, I'm moving on to other important things and trusting it to someone else.  I randomly made an appointment with Drybar, a blow drying salon (I thought that stuff was for straight-haired girls!) and I'm hooked!!

I usually prefer the smaller curls but these loose big curls are fabulous too.  So lush looking.  And also, having a professional take to my strands was shocking.  My hair was silkier than I've ever seen it - even my husband was shocked at the quality difference.  Anyway, I'm feeling it.  This slightly different look is a nice alternative to my norm.

 shirt: Pink / harem pants: American Apparel / sandals: Nine West

And these sandals with silk straps are so sultry!  I've had them for get this,
13 years
yep, truly a Tiny Closet treasure.  See how I've worn them in the past with a draped jumpsuit, and also with a mini skirt

Just goes to show, if it still works, why throw it out?  
Keep working it!

And with that I, bid you a very happy Monday :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Every Gal Should Own A Circle Skirt

I take that back.  Do what you want with your wardrobe!  
But consider adding a circle skirt to your Tiny collection maybe?

Here's why:  next to the almighty high waist pencil skirt, the circle skirt is the most feminine skirt you can own!  In one move, you can completely and classically "fem-ify" your entire look.  Throw on wedges / Toms / Keds / boots / heels and a tee and the circle skirt will pull it allllll together.  Effortlessly.

And that's exactly what I did.  I grabbed one of my favorite day dresses and wore it as a striped top.  Then I tucked it into my linen circle skirt and topped it off with a pair of Toms. 

While taking a walk in my favorite park in downtown in this ensemble, I thought a few photos of this trio would be fun.  I traded my Toms for these cage lace-up heels and flirted very lady-like for the camera.

tee: StyleMint / circle skirt: Tiny Closet Collection / heels: Forever21

And maybe you recognize this top?  It's a dress!  In Tiny style, I wear this piece all sorts of ways.  Two of the ways, you can check out are here and here.

So if I've been at all convincing in this post, get a circle skirt!  They look good on everyone, fabulous on all figures and sizes and not that this is important but... 
men adore them on us!

Shop for one or make your very own circle skirt using this tutorial by Geneva Vanderzeil, my favorite diyer!

See you next week!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Springing Forward

Dusk is sexy.

So is dressing for it.

With my evenings being deliciously drawn out, the sunsets seem longer and I've been loving it.  It's been a warm few days so before diving into shorts and minis, I am warming up my hibernating body with a scant duo of a lace bra and draping tank first.  

I also thought I'd give my curls a break from the heat tools for a few days.  Rocking my mama wash-and-go fro is always so simple and fun.  It's free and wild and reminds me of Summer and long nights...

tank: FIDM / bra top: Free People / denim: AllSaints / heels: Zara

But on to my boyfriend denim, I've worn these.with.everything.  My Tiny Closet and I have had a ball with this one amazing article of clothing.  

"How do I love dressing thee, AllSaints Men jeans?  
Let me count the ways...."

So far, 8 very eclectic ways :)  I don't need a lot of denim in my life.  Just the right denim I suppose.  Such is the Tiny mantra... but you probably already know that :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Tiny S/S Wardrobe

With the terrible weather we've had lately, I've been keeping myself inside, bouncing between my sewing machine and my computer.  
While the rain continues to pour, I am getting totally inspired and ramped up for Spring and Summer! 

It's been a full year since I moved to L.A. and after going through all the seasons, I can now predict each (predictable) season going forward.  
It's much easier now as I think up a new arsenal of pieces - plus, I can finally implement a new routine for my Tiny Closet...

I'm reading about it more and more and I thought I'd adopt the concept for myself.  That concept being that with each new item I add to my wardrobe, I will donate an old item that I'm falling out of love with.  So each new article of clothing will replace an older article of clothing.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show how collecting a few pieces through each season can still keep my collection small while maintaining endless options for styling!  

Starting with Spring/Summer seasons:

I picked 9 important items to be enjoyed mainly during the Spring and Summer of 2014 (and to be replaced if necessary with new items in the Spring and Summer and of 2015):

1. skirt
2. pants
3. shorts
4. a dress
5 & 6. two pairs of shoes
7. top
8. knit tee
9. jacket

I planned all items to be able to be coordinated with each other.  Each piece is simple, feminine and reflecting Spring.  
Equally important, I wanted each piece to able to be worn casual or cocktail :)  
I chose clothing from and Zara for my example just because the price range and styles of both are pretty broad and cover a lot of different occasions.  Next, I made 4 outfits out of the skirt, pants, shorts and skirt.  Check it out!

The LWD...dressed down
Layered with a chambray and cropped twill jacket, I thought I'd pair this dress down even further with a pair of dove grey high tops.  

Even though I created just one outfit revolving around this Zara dress, it can be worn at least a few more different ways just with the other 8 items alone!  
Not counting the rest of a complete wardrobe.  
 Pastel Biker Pants
 I love asymmetric tees - especially when they're paired with skin tight pants.  The dropped back tee from Asos goes perfectly with a pair of sky blue biker pants from Zara's Spring line.  The cropped jacket from Zara will go with everything!
Statement Skirt
 This Zara skirt is so versatile!  It can even be worn with just the cropped jacket buttoned up as a cropped top.  Chambray and twill are naturals together so it only seemed right to have them in a Spring/Summer collection.  Since they're also very simple items, they can be put with statement pieces like this skirt.

Dress Shorts
These fancy asymmetric shorts are a refreshing design and again, can be dressed up and dressed down so easily.  To wear the dropped back tee with these shorts is fun and artistic looking.  Lots of drape!  The cropped jacket is again finding its way into another ensemble - as well as those trusty high tops.

So like I mentioned before, the number of ensembles is surprisingly plentiful when it comes to just 9 items to work with.   Having a visual like this helps me maintain simplicity and my minimalist ways while I begin to refresh my closet.  

Hopefully it will give you some ideas as well of just how many ways you can rock the same things.  Especially when you're shopping for new things!